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Guidance on COVID-19 Symptoms, Testing, and Quarantine - 10/5/21
Testing Guidance from State of MN
NOTICE Regarding the new Federal Vaccine and Testing Rule:  Federal OSHA is developing a rule that will require all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis before coming to work.  This federal rule will likely be adopted by Minnesota OSHA, and therefore, applicable to Renville County.  There is currently no timeline for Federal OSHA to publish the new vaccination and testing rule. 
We will let you know if and when this new rule will apply to our workplace.

Tips on Video Conferencing

**Renville County Employee Email Group Update**
 - Renville County Employee email group contains only Renville County Employees.
 - Renville County Campus email group includes all staff as well as other entities that are located within  the Renville County GSC, Courthouse and offsite buildings.

Upcoming Dates!
Fall 15 Minute Chair Massages

 - Wednesday, November 3 - Mande Neubauer
 - Wednesday, November 17 - Melissa Novotny
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Nationwide  October Webinars

 - Why Enroll in Deferred Comp??
 - Back to Basics (Budgeting, Credit and Personal Finance)
 - Nearing Retirement...What Should I Do?
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October PERA Webinars
 - Ready to Retire
 - From Hire to Retire
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Blood Drive - December 6
9:00 am -3:00 am in GSC 116/117
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This signup is only available to County Employees currently but will be opened to the public soon!
The Drop Box located in the main lobby of the GSC is accessible 24/7.  This box is emptied weekdays by Human Services staff, and mail is distributed accordingly.  Video of Dropbox Location.
COVID-19 Wellness/Safety Resources
Wellness COVID-19 Resources

Emotional Support Resources from Cigna
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Technology Class Recordings 
Adobe Acrobat - Creating Fillable Forms (9/30/2020)
Recording, Training Print Outs

Adobe Acrobat - Advanced (6/24/2021)
Recording, Training Print Outs
Excel - Basic (6/24/2021)
Recording, Training Print Outs
Excel - Intermediate  (6/17/2020)  
Recording, Training Print Outs

Excel - Advanced
Recording, Training Print Outs

Recording, Training Print Outs
Outlook - Advanced (9/30/2020) 
, Training Print Outs
Word - Intermediate (9/10/2020)  
Recording, Training Print Outs

Word - Intermediate/Advanced (9/10/2020)
Recording, Training Print Outs