Tips on Video Conferencing

During this time please participate in meetings via video conference when possible. 

    - If you are new to video conferencing educate yourself.  There are lots of tutorials available or you can ask a co-worker for help as well.   GoTo Meeting Tutorials   Zoom Tutorials

    - If it is your first time try to do a test before getting on your first call.  Test out your equipment to save time and to make sure your video conference call is a success and time isn’t wasted. 

Get comfortable but not too comfortable…

    - If/when it is possible connect to a wired Internet versus Wi-Fi. 

   - Never sit in your bathroom.  It may seem like a no brainier but don’t do it. 

   - Sit with your back against a wall (not a window).  Always have the light in front of you and not behind you.  This will light up your face versus blacking it out.

   - Sit close to the camera so your face can be seen.

   - Use a virtual background when possible (this is an option when using Zoom as your platform)

   -Use a microphone or a headset when possible.  If you do not have these call in with your phone. 

It’s time for your video Conference!

   - Wear work appropriate clothing. 

   - Always be on time!

   - Use a camera as much as possible.  Your meeting will be much more engaging if you can see each other.

   - Frame the camera correctly so you are seen.

   - Look into the camera and pay attention.  Even when you are not speaking.  Stay engaged!

   - ALWAYS mute yourself when not speaking.

   - Don’t eat during your meeting.